Well-known academic journals in natural product chemistry
Thursday, February 16, 2012

Phytochemistry (IF: 3.150;  5-Year IF: 3.335)

The International Journal of Plant Chemistry, Plant Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. An Official Journal of the Phytochemical Society of Europe and the Phytochemical Society of North America.

Phytochemistry is the international journal covering research on all aspects of pure and applied plant chemistry, plant biochemistry, plant molecular biology and chemical ecology, published 18 times per annum by Elsevier. The journal is divided into twelve sections: Editorial Comment; Molecules of Interest; Review; Update in Bioinformatics; Protein Biochemistry; Molecular Genetics and Genomics; Metabolism; Ecological Biochemistry; Chemotaxonomy; Bioactive Products; Chemistry and Book review.


Journal of Natural Products (IF: 2.872;  5-Year IF: 2.855)

The Journal of Natural Products invites and publishes papers that make substantial and scholarly contributions to the area of natural products research, including Full Papers, Communications, Reviews, Notes and Book Reviews. Contributions may relate to the chemistry and/or biochemistry of naturally occurring compounds or the biology of living systems from which they are obtained.

Specifically, there may be articles that describe secondary metabolites of microorganisms, including antibiotics and mycotoxins; physiologically active compounds from terrestrial and marine plants and animals; biochemical studies, including biosynthesis and microbiological transformations; fermentation and plant tissue culture; the isolation, structure elucidation, and chemical synthesis of novel compounds from nature; and the pharmacology of compounds of natural origin.

When new compounds are reported, manuscripts describing their biological activity are much preferred.


Chemical & Pharmaceutical Bulletin (IF: 1.507;  5-Year IF: 1.621)

Originally, Chemical & Pharmaceutical Bulletin (CPB) covered all aspects of the pharmaceutical sciences, however, since the topics covered by the above journal became increasingly diverse, as a new sister journal, Biological & Pharmaceutical Bulletin was created in 1993.

Now CPB covers physical and inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, natural products chemistry, medicinal chemistry, analytical chemistry, pharmacognosy and physical pharmacy.

Published by The Pharmaceutical Society of Japan


Natural Product Reports (IF: 8.881;  5-Year IF: 8.865)

High impact, critical reviews in natural products research and related areas

Natural Product Reports is a critical review journal which stimulates progress in all areas of natural products research.

The journal covers all areas of natural products research including isolation, structural and stereochemical determination, biosynthesis, biological activity and synthesis. The scope of the journal is very broad and many reviews discuss the role of natural products in the wider bioinorganic, bioorganic and chemical biology communities. Areas covered include enzymology, nucleic acids, genetics, chemical ecology, carbohydrates, primary and secondary metabolism and analytical techniques. The following types of articles are published in NPR: Review articles; Highlight articles; Viewpoint articles and Hot off the Press articles.